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By using this application and software associated to this you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of My Minicab London Limited.

These Terms and Conditions of My Minicab London Ltd are subject to change without notice at the discretion of the Company, by continuing to use the service you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy in its current format. Updates to these terms and Conditions will be available via this application and other electronic media from time to time and are available upon request.

By using this My Minicab application and all associated software and services you are agreeing the following:

  • You will not misuse, attempt to misuse or use this application, software and its service for anything else apart from obtaining the service My Minicab London Ltd has to offer
  • You will abide by all the terms, conditions, charges and restrictions detailed below
  • You are over 18 and have legal authority to use this service, application and software and to do so in line with the Terms and Conditions of use
  • That you have permission of the person, persons, company or organisation responsible for all charges associated to the use of this service, application and software
  • You allow My Minicab London Limited, its self employed drivers and subscribers and other persons or organisations associated with the provision of this service access to the data captured as part of this application, service and associated software
  • You will not use the system, application or software for any purposes other than requesting transport services as per the terms and conditions
  • You will not use, transfer or copy any part of the application, software or system or any of the associated trademarks, images, content, logos, branding or any other elements for any means without express written consent from My Minicab London Limited
  • You agree not to use offensive, malicious, defamatory or prejudicial language or terminology during use of any aspect of this application, software or service
  • You agree to all third party terms and conditions associated with the downloading of the application from iTunes, the App store, Google Play, Android market and any other sources or services that may offer the application to be downloaded from time to time
My Minicab London Limited is a provider of transport booking services, your journey will be fulfilled by a self-employed licensed London taxi driver. Bookings are restricted to originating within the boundaries relevant for the licensing of Transport for London.

All drivers and vehicles are licensed and regulated by Licensed Taxi and Private Hire, a division of Transport for London.

All bookings are subject to the availability of drivers and systems. Provision of the service is not guaranteed, nor are any quoted estimates of journey duration, pick up, arrival or journey times. Any quoted prices given prior to the journey is for the time and distance of the actual journey. There may be additional cost for waiting time parking charges and other stop overs. Any estimates of cost of time of any journey are estimates only and My Minicab London ltd will not be liable for any changes to journey times, distances or costs. Likewise My Minicab London Ltd will not liable for any additional costs or damages arising from a journey not being fulfilled.
Booking Requests
Users of My Minicab London ltd’s application, software and service must ensure all the information entered are accurate. Once a booking is made, the system will aim to offer the trip to a suitable and available taxi, but there is no guarantee that either the system or suitable taxis will be available.

It is the users responsibility to ensure enough time is allowed for the journey, including making allowances for weather, traffic and other factors. My Minicab London Limited accept no responsibility for late arrivals at pick up or destination points or any losses or inconvenience that may arise.
Special requirements
It is the users responsibility to ensure that any special requirements are communicated to My Minicab London Limited and the driver fulfilling the journey. My Minicab London Limited cannot guarantee that special requests can be met (with the exception of requests covered by the Disability Discrimination Act and regulations laid down by Transport for London.

Child seats, restraints, booster seats etc are not a legal requirement in private hire vehicles and are not provided by My minicab London Limited or its subscribing drivers. Passengers/users of this application are responsible for ensuring child seats, special restraints and other such equipment is provided directly by themselves as required.


Your private hire vehicle journey will be charged at fixed rate as per the tariff of charges laid down by company and you will be advised of these costs prior to your journey.

You can pay for your journey by cash on the day directly to the driver or credit/debit card in advance via our application or other associated software.

You cannot register your debit/credit card and My Minicab London Limited does not store any of your card details on the system.
charges may apply
My Minicab London Limited accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and other major cards. A surcharge of 10% (Minimum of £2) will apply for payments made by credit or debit card.

If your location has changed and the driver needs to continue driving to your actual location there may be a higher amount to pay and you will be advised by the driver.

My Minicab London Ltd offers a free 10 mins waiting time prior to you actual booking time and thereafter you will be charged an additional £4 per 15 mins.
Cancellation charges
Please note that if you cancel your trip after a taxi has been despatched, your card will be debited for the amount originally quoted, plus the transaction fee.
Mobile device connectivity and charges
By using this application, service and software you may incur mobile data and SMS (text message) charges which will vary from operator to operator, please check with your network provider if you are uncertain of the charges which may apply. Your mobile device will require a functioning and stable data connection in order to allow this application to operate correctly, any failure in the data connection or network provision which leads to the failure or malfunction of the service shall not be the responsibility of My Minicab London Ltd. When downloading or accessing the application from iTunes, the App store, Google Play, Android market and any other sources or services that may offer the application to be downloaded from time to time you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of those services with the third parties that provide those services and any charges such parties may invoke from time to time.
Accounts, passwords and security
Access to certain features of this application, service and software require the user to open and account and register details, including login identification and passwords. The user is entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of account information, passwords and for all activity that takes place under that account information. The user agrees to notify My Minicab London Ltd at info@myminicablondon.com immediately if there is any breach, or suspected breach of security or if any unauthorized use of the account or password is suspected. The user may be held responsible for any costs arising from unauthorized or authorised use of their account or account details by another party.

Users should not use another users account or login information and My Minicab London Limited cannot be held responsible for any costs or circumstances arising from such activity.
Copyright and license
As a condition of your use of this application, service and software or using any of the features or function within the software, application or service you warrant and represent to us that you will not use this software, information, images or data, for any illegal purpose, or for any purpose that is prohibited by these terms and conditions.

You may download a single copy of the information on this application and software and, where necessary for its use as a reference, keep a temporary copy in your computer or device cache and make a single hard copy of that information. No part of the information contained in this application or software may be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, re-sold, adapted, performed in public, transmitted in any form by any process (graphic, electronic or mechanical, including further copying, recording, taping or by a storage and information retrieval system) or otherwise exploited for any commercial purpose without the express written consent of My Minicab London Limited. You will not, and will not authorize any party to, directly or indirectly, generate automated or fraudulent actions via this application or software including without limitation by using a person or automated script or computer program to generate automated bookings. Any fraudulent actions (human or automated) that impact bookings are strictly prohibited always. You agree that you shall not use this application, service or software for any fraudulent or damaging bookings or payments.

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